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1876 W El Norte Pkwy
Escondido, CA, 92026
United States

(760) 747-4444

Annie's Quilting Den is a quilting store that offers a wide selection of modern, contemporary fabrics, individually selected to provide an exceptional pallet of textures and colors.  We provide a regular series of classes to help beginners get started and intermediate quilters build new skills.  We also offer specialty classes for more experienced artists; and many classes, just for fun.  If you run into problems with a quilt, just stop by and we will provided one-on-one mentoring that you need to move on and complete your quilt.  We can also show you tools and machine ideas that will save you time.


Welcome to Annie's

Our quilt store is the home of an energetic community of textile artists.  We stock and sell everything that you need to make colorful quilts of all sizes.  We offer classes so that you can discover and conquer new techniques. We are happy to provide you with one-on-one mentoring that you may need to finish your quilt projects. 


Celtic Wall HangiNG

Who wouldn't want this beautiful decorative piece to brighten their home during the holiday season?  Hot off the ironing board, Barbara has just completed her sample for the upcoming Celtic hanging classes.  Really special; don't you agree?




The Hoots are coming
to Annie's

Ask about this class.  Coming Soon.  Make a couple of these adorable little creature.  If you get carried away, you end up with a parliament of owls, or a stare.

                       2015 Staycation Quilt Project                              Cool Blue Color Wave

                       2015 Staycation Quilt Project
                             Cool Blue Color Wave

THe 2015 Staycation EVENT

Annie's Quilting Den hosted it's third annual "Staycation" vacation event on June 26, 27, and 28.  Everybody had a great time and some beautiful quilts were created by our artists.  

New fabrics have arrived

We have found that hard work pays off.  We have invested dozens of hours, meeting with representatives, and pouring though their samples.  We have found some gems.  We have a new selection of fabrics that have rich and rare colors as well as many new fabrics with bold and rich patterns.  Stop by and see them. Click HERE for a some picture of fabrics that have recently arrive.  We think you will especially enjoy some of the holiday fabrics. 



CLOSE Out!  Elna 760 with table... Come see us.


Annie's is participating in this nationwide quilting event.

Row by Row Experience

Prizes, collectibles and more fun!

How about this… a nationwide shop hop type event with no fees, no passports and all summer to play? Simply visit Annie's and we will fill you in.  But if you are curious we have provided some  additional details in out events section.

The theme this year is "water". We are look forward to seeing you at Annie's Quilting Den during the summer months to shop for projects and to pick up your row.  The completely original row that we designed will remind you of sunset along the SoCal coast as pelicans float over gently rolling waves.  Just think of the runner or art piece you can make from this single row, or you can use Facebook to find other shops with complimentary rows to make a unique, one-of-a kind quilt. 

If you need a little help adding the horizon line, follow this link. We have added some instruction for adding a Pop of Color.



Marti Michell Class


Roz has been busy giving demonstrations using a selection of Marti Michell tools.  Her class has become very popular.  This week we had a group from Calgary make a return visit. Our shop has become a regular stop on their annual vacation.  We are always glad to see this energetic group; share some new ideas, and give them a chance to warm up.


Annie's is A Modern, Friendly, Quilt Store
Serving Escondido, San Marcos 
and all of North San Diego County


We specialize in helping you bring bright, contemporary works of art to life.  The partners at Annie's Quilting Den have thousands of hours of experience in the textile arts, education, and quilting.  We also have the fabrics, machines and tools that quilters need.  We love sharing our quilting experience and the joy that working with textiles can bring.

We established our quilt store to provide a fun, colorful, contemporary quilt shop that you will enjoy and visit regularly .  Please take a quick tour of our quilt store and see our unique selection of quilt fabrics.  All you need to do is stop by when you are feeling creative.  Let us help you finish or get started on your next quilt project.

Fresh Class List

We have made plans for a new classes.  They are posted on our updated calendar and summarized below. We have selected some great new projects for our classes in the coming months.

For example, check out the Woven Magic Runner class.  If you want to jump into a new technique that is very unique, this is the class for you.  Stop by and join the fun. We would love to hear your ideas and requests for future projects.  



Quilting Classes Coming Up


                                        HOLIDAY Fabrics

We now have a great lineup of holiday fabrics.  Some of these have just recently arrived.  We have a great pallet of wintery blues, as well as traditional red, green, and floral patterns.  There is MORE to see on our NEW FABRICS page.




Just a peek at one of the projects that we just features.  Saddle your horses, round up your hounds and get ready for the steeplechase.  It's time to round up this happy leash of foxes.  Although some of you would call them a skulk, lead, or troop of foxes; we prefer the more traditional term.





Annie's Newsletter

If you would like to receive news about our sales, quilting events, and upcoming classes delivered to your inbox, please sign up for Annie's Newsletter.  Don't worry, we won't fill up you inbox.  We publish about one a month and we never share your address with anyone.


We are now featuring this cute, vintage gingerbread design that will make it the focal point of your sewing room.  Olivia features a 2-position mechanism that will support a 45 pound machine and move your sewing machine into the flatbed and free arm positions. Pull the quick release lever forward to make your sewing well become flush with the top and use Olivia as a desk or another hobby table. 

Olivia comes in fun vibrant pistachio green or a clean crisp white laminate. MORE...





Here are some fabrics 
that are perfect for kaleidoscope quilt projects. 

Come see for yourselves!   These quilt fabrics are really special.


We have partnered with Sew Pros for sewing machine repairs.  We offer drop off and  pick up for our customers.  Of course, we would like to discuss your problem and make sure it needs to see the doctor.   Sew Pros has been in business for over 50 years. They have given Roz, Barb and many of Annie's customers, superior service on all of their machines.  Whether you need basic service or something more involved, they do a great job on most makes and models. Just drop by with your machine and we do the rest.

Convenient Escondido Location                       Call: 760-747-4444

Annie's is on the corner of El Norte Pkwy. and Country Club Dr.

Annie's Quilting Den is a Quilt Fabric Store that offers a fresh and unique approach to a traditional craft.  

As such, we are sought out frequently by new customers traveling from around the county and others while in the area on vacation.   Unfortunately the GPS gods have not smiled on us.  Our address sometimes conflicts with another address in the county and GPS devices send our customers in the wrong direction.  Please use our map or give us a call if you are having problems finding us the first time.