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1876 W El Norte Pkwy
Escondido, CA, 92026
United States

(760) 747-4444

Annie's Quilting Den is a quilting store that offers a wide selection of modern, contemporary fabrics, individually selected to provide an exceptional pallet of textures and colors.  We provide a regular series of classes to help beginners get started and intermediate quilters build new skills.  We also offer specialty classes for more experienced artists; and many classes, just for fun.  If you run into problems with a quilt, just stop by and we will provided one-on-one mentoring that you need to move on and complete your quilt.  We can also show you tools and machine ideas that will save you time.

Beginning Quilting

This is a beginner series of 4 classes that shows you how to produce great quality quilts.  We will use Marti Michell tools, Template Set A,  and Encyclopedia I. During this series of classes, we will demonstrate the use of color choice and value to produce quilts that pop.  You also get some supervised practice with piecing when you "stay and sew" after the class.


A series of 4 classes: $45

Barb Thomas, Instructor

This series of classes is designed to progress through the Marti Michell tool kit and describe and demonstrate the advantages that each tool offers.  It gives you a chance to learn to quilt the best, possible way.  Or maybe you need a refresher class to help you save time and pick up your game since a lot has change since we started quilting. We will rent the tools to you so that you can try them for yourself in the store.  We simply guarantee that you will have more fun, be more accurate, and spend less time.

There are many techniques that you can use to make a quilt.  Most of us learn by trial and error.  The problem with that approach is that you have to make a lot of quilts with lots of error before they start looking like works of art.  That is why we recommend tools designed by Marti Michell.

Look around our shop and you will see lots of examples of well made quilts with few errors or weaknesses in workmanship.  The tools really do help a great deal.

Quilt Materials

  • 1-1/2  yards of focus fabric
  • 3/4 yard of background (light)
  • 2, 1/2 yards - medium value fabrics

We will help you with fabric color selection during the first class


  • Marti - Set A tools, or you can rent to try from us for $6; use/ share in the store.
  • Encyclopedia #1, available at the store
  • 6-1/2" X 24-1/2" ruler
  • Rotating mat
  • Rotatory cutter
  • Basic sewing supplies and a machine that you know to be in good working order.

Please call or visit us at the store to arrange for a class. We will be happy to discuss the class project and the tools and materials that you need for the class.

Every participant must have their own pattern and their own tool set as required for the class project. No sharing. We find that sharing results in constant class interruptions.  It also jeopardizes our trust relationship with our business partners and suppliers.  And finally, it often violates copyright law.  No refund or store credit will be given for cancellations made less than seven working days in advance.