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1876 W El Norte Pkwy
Escondido, CA, 92026
United States

(760) 747-4444

Annie's Quilting Den is a quilting store that offers a wide selection of modern, contemporary fabrics, individually selected to provide an exceptional pallet of textures and colors.  We provide a regular series of classes to help beginners get started and intermediate quilters build new skills.  We also offer specialty classes for more experienced artists; and many classes, just for fun.  If you run into problems with a quilt, just stop by and we will provided one-on-one mentoring that you need to move on and complete your quilt.  We can also show you tools and machine ideas that will save you time.

Elfin Boots

Class Fee:  $35

Don't look now, but a few of Santa's elves have donated some old boots to a good cause.  They are here for you to copy and decorate and they are just in time for the Holidays.  And look, there is one for the country mouse in your family, and one for the city mouse.

Use them around the tree, the hearth, or as a part of a table centerpiece.

CIty Boot

CIty Boot

Country Boot

Country Boot

Fabric Required for a Boot **

  • 3/4 yard Timtex
  • 1/2 yard of holiday fabric
  • 1 yard of fanc y trim material


  • Acrylic paint to match or blend with fabric.
  • 1 cup full of small rocks to stabilize the boot
  • Fiber fill *
  • Basic sewing supplies

* - Annie's will supply you with crushed walnut shells.
** - Fabric should be stamped, painted, or embroidered prior to class.